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Children’s University is a national charitable organisation which celebrates learning that takes place outside of school hours. Pupils collect ‘credits’ for the time they spend outside of school hours participating in a huge variety of different learning activities.

How does it work? Your child can collect ‘credits’ by:

• Attending after school clubs run by your child’s school
• Attending ‘Learning Destinations’ in your area (such as swimming lessons, cubs, brownies, football training, gymnastics lessons, music lessons, the list is endless!)
• Attending structured activity sessions at libraries, museums, farms, leisure centres and more across the whole country.
• By taking part in holiday challenges set by your local Children’s University.

Usually one hour of learning will equal 1 credit. Pupils will collect their credits throughout the years and if they reach our target at the end of year 2 and year 6 they will be invited to our graduation ceremony in partnership with your local University. Hours earned at school clubs will be recorded by your school. However, if you want to collect credits at external Learning Destinations then you will need to purchase a Passport to Learning from your school office which your child keeps throughout their time at school.

The 5 Golden Rules

  • Learning must be voluntary
  • Learning must be outside of normal school hours
  • There must be structured learning taking place
  • Pupils can gain no more than 10 credits per activity per term (this is to encourage children to try lots of activities)
  • All activities need to be accredited by Children’s University and will display our Learning Destination logo

You will find details of all of the Learning Destinations in your area and beyond on our website. Go to:  If your child attends an activity that isn’t on our website please ask them go to the ‘Get Involved’ page on our website and select ‘Learning Providers’.

For more information about Children’s University, you can contact Louise at: [email protected]  0151 330 5758

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