At Banks Road, while the main language spoken at school is English, we have a diverse community of a wide range of languages spoken at home. It currently reaches a number of eighteen languages! We have over 100 children speaking English as Additional Language at different stages! 

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We value each individual and encourage each child to achieve the highest possible standard. Mr Savage and Mrs Adamczewska work together to ensure that children, regardless of what language they speak as their primary language at home, make good or better progress at Banks Road. We ensure that all children, parents and carers are valued and included in our school community. We provide a welcoming atmoshere for newly arrived  pupils from around the world and celebrate their backgrounds and culture!         clocks around the world.jpg              the world.png


Our EAL (English as an Additional Language) children are assessed termly using the NASSEA assessment tool. This allows us to monitor pupils' progress in the curriculum and their acquisition of English. The targets of each child are shared with their class teachers and so quality first teaching takes place within their classes.

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They also have the opportunity to work with a specialist EAL teacher who has experience working with students who use English as a second language across EYFS - KS2. Depending on their level of English language acquisition - whether they are New to English, on Early Acquisition level, Developing Language Competence, Competent or Fluent - the workshops are delivered to activate their tool to express themselves, which is English language, so they can have better opportunities to access school curriculum and work towards it more effectively, can communicate with their teachers and peers, can express their needs or worries.The initially assessed children attend regular weekly sessions where they increase their vocabulary store, learn phrases and grammar structures to enable them express their opinions, experiences, thoughts and feelings. They are provided with lots of opportunities to use and develop their English language and improve it, so they can be more successfull in forming amazing friendships, expressing themselves and fullfilling their dreams. All four skills - speaking, listening, reading and writing - are practised in sessions depending on the child's age, abilities and preferences.This provision is supported with attractive paper and online worksheets, videos, books, dictionaries, pictures, charts, displays, posters and interactive resources.

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What is more, our ethnic minority pupils are so lucky to be supported by EMTAS team where during individual or small group sessions their English language skills are developed. Proffessional advice is offered to the kids' class teachers by this organisation. EMTAS also delivers high quality training to our staff. 

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Every action taken is to help EAL pupils gain their confidence in English language, give them equal opportunities and believe that they can do and express whatever they feel and need to!


Our school's lunch offer is to be viewed below:

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Mrs Adamczewska

Language Specialist Teacher (EAL)

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Mr Savage

Deputy Headteacher

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