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The Computer Science aspect of the curriculum teachers computational thinking. Children should be taught to solve problems using computational terms. This area of the curriculum involves coding and data representation. However, here at Banks Road this is not taught exclusively through using a computer; many topics are primarily introduced using unplugged activities e.g. following written instructions to find errors.

Information Technology involves using various software and a range of devices, including the internet, to accomplish goals and manipulate digital content. This strand is expanded across the curriculum  to other subjects to that IT is used in a cross curricular way. E.g. using the internet to complete research.

Digital Literacy involves teaching children to use technology safely and respectfully. Children learn about how computing relates to the wider world and how it is used in every day life. They learn to evaluate software and technology critically.

As a school, we have decided to teach Computing using the ‘TeachComputing’ scheme of work, funded by the Department for Education and created by the National Centre for Computing Education. The scheme of work can be accessed by visiting

To see the current resources and topics being studied and taught in the classrooms, please visit the ‘Our Computing Work’ tab.



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