Curriculum Impact

Teachers use of end of topic quizzes to monitor children’s understanding of core knowledge, and adapt their teaching accordingly. Our carefully planned curriculum will ensure that children at Banks Road see themselves as scientists as they will have answered questions successfully using a range of different methods, including their learning from Maths. They will have high aspirations, which will see them through to further study, work and a successful adult life. Children in Upper Key Stage 2 will begin to consider how to undertake different types of enquiry, using their earlier primary experiences. At the end of each year, all children will have been explicitly taught age appropriate skills; teachers will use TAPS Assessments to monitor children’s progress, and adapt their teaching accordingly. Children will have made use of vocabulary tasks and regular practise within lessons so that they have a richer vocabulary in their long term memory, enabling them to articulate their understanding of taught concepts and tackle future Science learning. Teachers at Banks Road know the importance of practise and recall; the impact being that core knowledge will move to the long term memory.

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