Curriculum Intent

At Banks Road, we believe mathematics is an important part of children’s development throughout school, right from an early age. We intend to deliver a curriculum with a mastery approach that has three key principles: deep understanding, mathematical thinking and mathematical language, with problem solving at the heart.

Our curriculum:

  • Gives each pupil a chance to BELIEVE in themselves as mathematicians and develop the power of resilience and perseverance when faced with mathematical challenges.
  • Recognises that mathematics underpins much of our daily lives and therefore is of paramount importance in order that children ASPIRE to develop their mathematical understanding.
  • Through high quality teaching and learning opportunities they strive to ACHIEVE their full potential.
  • Makes rich connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluency, mathematical reasoning and competence in solving increasingly sophisticated problems.
  • Provides equal opportunities for children to apply their mathematical knowledge to other subjects (cross-curricular links).
  • Is in line with the expectations in the National Curriculum 2014. .

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