The implementation and teaching of the Art curriculum at Banks Road Primary school is based on the National Curriculum. From Year 1 onwards, sketchbook work is an integral part of developing skills, ideas, creativity, and ownership of their work. Art is taught as a subject throughout the year by specialist art teachers and weaved into the curriculum through creative responses within Opening Worlds ( History, Geography, RE) and English. ‘Our Drawing Journey’ runs alongside the delivery of the art curriculum and gives pupils the opportunity to engage in drawing daily. The focus on basic drawing skills in short 10 minute activities three times per week gives pupils the time to develop their mark-making skills by making mistakes, discussing their successes and most importantly, enjoying the process of creating and talking about art. The unit plans throughout the year cover one of the main skill areas with some units combining two or more skill areas. The units of work have been planned and designed by art leaders and build upon the pupil’s prior learning and units. All units of work are based around a significant artist, historical piece of art or culture. The artwork is used as a tool for discussion, inspiration, opinion and evaluation. Each unit provides an opportunity to develop key subject specific vocabulary and information about the artist. Each unit allows pupils to discover first-hand the potential of media and techniques whilst subtly developing control of a range of art tools and materials before building up to and completing a final piece. The development of skills and knowledge throughout each unit are mapped across each year group and throughout the school to ensure progression and a clear end point. The evidence of their work is collected within the art sketchbook and photographs of larger, group or 3D pieces are also kept within this book. The pupil’s creative responses through ‘Opening Worlds’, English and ‘Our Drawing Journey’ is celebrated and displayed within the classroom and throughout the school. Pupil’s development of skills and knowledge is further enhanced with creative projects and trips visiting galleries and our city that is bursting with culture and art.

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