Curriculum Implementation

At Banks Road, we use the framework PLAN to teach Understanding the World of Development Matters and the Science National Curriculum in EYFS and KS1; we use the framework Haringey Education Partnership to teach the Science National Curriculum in Year 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Using the TAPS framework, we have developed a whole school enquiry map to ensure that children at our school experience 5 different enquiry types, and are explicitly taught age appropriate scientific skills. The enquiry types that all children experience each year include: observation over time, research, comparative and fair testing, pattern-seeking and identifying and classifying. Children at Banks Road apply their mathematical knowledge in Science lessons by collecting, presenting and analysing data, with age-appropriate links to measure and statistics made in each year group. Teachers at Banks Road model the use of Science vocabulary, and give regular opportunities for children to practise and recall so that they achieve a deeper understanding. The children at Banks Road are exposed to memorable experiences that enrich their Science learning, including: British Science Week activities, external visitors including the Royal Institution’s Science in School, chick-hatching experiences and workshop activities with Chester Zoo.

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