Throughout all key stages of Banks Road, our teaching approach includes practical techniques which ensures high-leverage teaching. These techniques include systematic introduction and revisiting of new vocabulary, effective questioning, lessons which are pacey, interactive and fun. It has a coherent, chronological and rigorous structure that ensures that links are not only made across individual subjects but also across each of the topics covered. This means that knowledge is gradually and successfully built upon and children make explicit links using their previous knowledge. This is consistently revisited and retrieved, which ensures all children build their schema of knowledge.

The Opening Worlds curriculum ensures pupils practise geographical thinking regarding location, place and human and physical processes. Geographical information and skills are interpreted and presented in a variety of ways, including maps, (physical and digital), diagrams, globes, and aerial photographs, numerical and quantitative skills and writing at length. Local field trips also provide children with first-hand experiences and opportunities to practise learnt skills out in the real world. Extra-curricular clubs such as Eco-Club and Rambling Club also provide children with extra opportunities to foster their love of the world and Geography.

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