At Banks Road, the uniqueness and background of every child is recognised and valued. Because of this, our curriculum covers a range of cultural, historical and ethical backgrounds and offers purposeful and meaningful experiences to apply, share and develop this knowledge. Our diverse, culturally rich and wide-scoping, curriculum is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge, concepts and values in a rigorous and coherent way. Explicit links to story-telling and vocabulary are made to enthuse learners and equip them with the necessary literacy skills to thrive in their study of the subject. Activities are used throughout the curriculum to engage learners and create purposeful, high-leverage outcomes that give children the opportunity to use and apply their developing geographical knowledge and skills. At Banks Road, our aim is to create an environment that prompts curiosity, critical thinking and allows learners to connect strands of learning across all aspects of the curriculum.

Banks Road
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Banks Road
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